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BalloonRadar , May 31 2017

Feel free to ask all questions about BalloonRadar app. We will reply all of them. You are welcome to leave your feedback or suggestions how to improve this app. :D


love the App. very simple and easy to use. I was wondering if you are in the process of implementing any KML overlay option so we can load PZ maps that will enable better navigation.


Hello chinthakaj :)

Thank you for you comment. Of course we want to implement different overlays to let all users load PZ, control zones etc. But this is the last step in whole building process. You can read about our steps here:
When everything is ready and we will publish BalloonRadar for all, we want to implement overlays as additional feature.



I already registered and got email with my new username for Beta testing. But i don't understand where i can choose my password for app log-in.
In email is writen "password please choose yourself but do not leave empty".
I can't login to app without writing password.
So, where i can choose my new password ?

Thank you for your help


Hello Honza1.

Thank you for registering. In the automatic email you got from us, you can find login. Usually it's a short combination of digits and letter. Please note that some of them are large and some are small. It metters.
Password - choose yourself and you don't need to remember it. Your device will do it for you. What is important is that you don't leave password empty, so just write whatever you want.
We hope it can helps. If not, please let us know, we will create new login for you.

BalloonRadar Team


Hello BalloonRadar,

I have a problem signing in on de Balloonradar app.
Yesterday I received an e-mail saying:

Thanks for signing up to
You can log in using your username and password.

Please be noticed that we will create different username and password for your smartphone but you don't need to remember it. Your device will do it for you.

Enjoy BalloonRadar :)

But still, logging in to the app doesn't work. I always receive a message: something went wrong.

What can I do?



Hello Hendrik.

Sorry for this inconvenience. In fact, we see that you are registered but only on the website
To access the app on your Android device, you must complete the registration form here
Then we will create your account along with the registration and photo of your balloon.

I hope it will not be a problem and you will be happy to use our product.

BalloonRadar Team


Thanks for the fast answer. I will fill in the form soon.


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