Desktop tracking map

Here you can find all balloons currently using BalloonRadar app. Balloons are marked by their registrations. does not take responsibility of registrations. We only show what pilots have declared in their registration forms.
By clicking on registration listed on gray field left from the map, it will take you to the latest, logged by pilot's device point. To go back to the list, you need to click on ikon BACK or any balloon on the map.
By clicking on specific balloon you will see following flight data: speed, altitude AMSL, direction and flight satus as well as balloon picture. There are 2 kinds of status: "air" (when balloon is flying) and "ground" (when balloon has landed).
All flights are shown on the map as long as balloon is flying and next 12 hours after landing. If balloon is landed and pilot forgot to stop tracking, his flight will be shown on the map in next 12 hours but with status "air". Furthermore you can see when his device was last logged.